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A transparent shape to move the header down to make room for the sticky menu. - Inspiration for your spiritual life from many of the world's leading Christian contemplative thinkers and teachers.

Christian Contemplation and Mysticism Taught By Inspirational Spiritual Teachers.

Here's the latest news:

On October 7th, 2023 we had the pleasure of recording Brian McLaren at Contemplative Outreach of Colorado. The conference was titled: Faith, Doubt and Contemplation: Being Contemplatives in a Dangerous Time. You can learn more about this conference and purchase the recordings in mp4 (Download Video), mp3 (Download Audio), DVD, and CD here: Faith, Doubt and Contemplation: Being Contemplatives in a Dangerous Time by Brian McLaren

We have also added Roger LaBorde and his talk titled Roger LaBorde: A Story of Friendship with Father Thomas Keating. Click here to read and purchase this recording. is the place to find the most recent conferences held in the Denver area. We have Conference Videos and Audio, Books, and Music by Contemplative Outreach of Colorado, Spiritual Direction Colorado, Dr. Sara McGee, Blair Ashby, and Tony D'Souza. Please look at all the spiritual conferences we offer, starting with the pictures below.

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